Re: [Harp-L] positions you can use on diatonic

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> seriously now, folks, one need not orient himself to harmonica using "position" at all. (I actually had a ball teaching Sunny Girl harmonica without ever talking positions, so one can skip this aspect completely and still end up with an amazing result - we were talking notes).
> If anyone insists that you must label your orientation on the harmonica as a "position", that seems to enter the realm of conceptual intellectual debate which may be one step removed from playin' da music.

I, for one, wouldn't insist on anyone labeling anything. But it happens to be a useful concept just like note names are. You don't need them, they are—as you put it—one step removed from playing the music, but note names are useful. And similarly, telling people you don't play notes anymore is confusing. It may have a metaphorical meaning, but in literal terms, it just makes people who are still learning about music wonder what in the hell is going on. We're not all professionals yet, but for many, having handy concepts like keys and note names and yes, positions, help you get there.*


*and for record, when I say "positions" I am not talking about playing pre-defined patterns or styles of music, and I am most definitely NOT talking about modes. It's just knowing that playing in A on a C harmonica is mechanically nearly the same as playing in F# on an A harmonica. Nothing more.

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