Re: [Harp-L] Great new CD!-- flip jers

On Mar 26, 2012, at 2:27 PM, Randy Singer wrote:

> i had the opportunity to perform and spend time with Flip when I was performing in sweden with robert wells.

Hey Randolph the Great...when did  F i l i p  suddenly become  F l i p ? Ooooh, 10-22 my last, I figured it out. What happened is that YOU flipped when you heard him...ahhh, that's right. 
> Flip is the real deal…..he is a harmonica maniac…..he eats, breathes and loves harmonicas. And he has taken his love for all styles of harmonica music and harmonicas (diatonic, chrom, bass, etc) to truly be a swedish knife of harmonica styles!

I dunno Randy, first you mention the word maniac, then you mention knife. I'm getting scared over here. First you say you do, and then you don't, then you say you will
and then you won't. 
> And his abundant positive energy

Is he young? Well, you know them young guys.  lol

> permeates everything he does. His videos are among the most educational and entertaining harmonica videos I have seen.
> He does it for the sheer love and he loves to share.
> Kudos to spah for bringing this fine fresh upstart to the USA.

Yup, one of the major tipping points that will cause me to tip over to Dallas. Big D, little a, double l, a.......s
> best,
> randy singer


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