[Harp-L] Videos from Tulsa Harmonica Summit

Here are some videos of featured performers from last monthâs Tulsa Harmonica Summit. 
RJ Mischo â Up to the Brim  http://youtu.be/XoZ7FT7qB-w
Ronnie Shellist â Knockinâ  http://youtu.be/VHzB99r5fCs
Adam Gussow â Good Morning Little School Girl  http://youtu.be/mSfTzHtHAJU
Todd Parrott â Iâll Fly Away  http://youtu.be/-ckBgihP7dU
Rock Me Baby - Ray D. Rowe w/ Ronnie Shellist & Jimmy Markham, featuring Tulsa Mayor Dewey Bartlett  http://youtu.be/6pXLtssLJp0

David Berntson, Tulsa, OK

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