[Harp-L] Update on 2012 SPAH Convention seminars

Here is an updated list of the presenters and their seminars and workshops for the Aug. 14-18, 2012 SPAH Convention in Irving, Texas. Please note that this list of presenters and seminar titles will continue to change. Check out the new SPAH website spah.org for further details.
Cheryl Arena: Beginnerâs Harmonica Workshop
LJ Atkison: Bass X4
Brandon Bailey: Solo Performance Harmonica-The Art of DoingÂit Yourself
Chris Bauer, Phil Caltabellotta & George Miklas: TBA
James Conway: Celtic Harmonica
Jerry Devillier: TBA
Bill Dulin: Making Backing Tracks with a Computer
Phil Duncan: Basic Diatonic
Phil Duncan: Basic Chromatic Harmonica
Pablo Fagundes: Brazilian Music
Joe Filisko: Teach-In
Mary Jane Gormley: Decoding Standard Notation 
Stan Harper: TBA
Jia-Yi He: Tremolo Harmonica
Elizabeth Hess: Blues for Beginners
Richard Hunter: TBA
Filip Jers: Swedish Folk Music
Filip Jers: Jazz Harmonica
Bob McFarlane: Vibrato âPlusâ
Don McRee: 3rd Position Playing Made Easy
David Naiditch: Playing Jazzy Blues on Chromatic
Todd Parrott: Overblow Techniques
Todd Parrott: Country & Gospel Harmonica
Brendan Power: Using Looping in Live Performance
Brendan Power: Presenting the New Suzuki-TBA
Michael Rubin: Morning Beginnersâ Blues Jam
Nedra Russ: Open Mike 101
Nedra Russ: Speech Level Singing & the Harmonica
Jean Sabot: Alternative Tuning for Traditional Music
Elizabeth Schulz & George Miklas: TBA
Sgro Brothers: 70 Years Playing Harmonica
Ronnie Shellist: Blues Harmonica-Mastering Nuances
Matthew Smart & Scott Hetrick: Harmonica Upgrades
Al Smith: Workshop (Pre-registration required)
Judy Smith: Workshop (Pre-registration required)
Gerry Sondreal: Band in a Box
Charles Spranklin: TBA
Patrick O. Young: Keltic-Folk Music Workshop
Donât be shy, thereâs room for more. Please contact me off-list
Manfred Wewers
Convention Seminar Coordinator

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