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On Mar 28, 2012, at 11:55 PM, Chris Reynolds wrote:

> I can't remember if I made a post about it or not but I've decided to start offering micarta combs as well now.

Good move Chris. I made those out of a backing panel for electrical bus bars that once supplied the lighting and ventilation for Allegheny tunnel on the Pa. Turnpike. Having been an electrician before I had my cushy state job, I was aware of  only one hazard. Unless you use a sharp mill, it sure throws a lot of what machinists call 'Flu-flu' (old dry stuff can throw fibers). 

> They have a similar feel to corian but are much more durable, especially the linen micarta combs.

The numerous layers of linen make it almost impervious to any movement. No shrinkage factor. I always considered it THE comb material.  

> There is a page linked below the comb section of the site that has some pictures of some of the colors as well as some pictures of completed combs. As I said I couldn't remember if I made a post about it or not but thought I would pass on the info. I'm also working on engraving now as well as a replacement to the etching that I used to offer. I still get a lot of requests for it but the etching was problematic. I haven't worked out the basic code for doing the curved back of the golden melody but flat backed combs like the MB and such are pretty easy to do. 

Curving the backs will present a lot of cross bias, which in turn will need filled and polished. 
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