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Being a southerner and a fourth-generation Appalachian musician, I first thought this was an acoustic jazz band after checking out Joe's link, but I see they do a lot more stuff.
Stuff that would pass for Bluegrass even in the South, such as this:

But you still hear a lot of Jazz in it. It's a combination of that West Coast Jazz bluegrass, ala David Grisman and David Naiditch, but there is a bit of the South in it as well. Very interesting stuff. Whatever kind of tuned rain barrel or whatever that guy is sitting on and tapping on is filling the job the mandolin usually does in the South. yes, the licks are awesome, but I'm really impressed with this guy's chord rhythm.  


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Great chops my man....

This is a jazz band that has "bluegrass" in the band's name, right? 


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Here is a link from my friend Agustin from Barcelona Spain. Joan Pau Cumellas is one fantastic diatonic player. He does MY favorite version of Georgia. 
The video are very long but the lead in video will give you an idea of what he can do. takes a minute to get going. 


> here's a link of my friend Joan Pau Cumellas, diatonic player...

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