Re: [Harp-L] RIP Jerry "Boogie" McCain

Jerry McCain was one of the greats.  Not only could he really blowharp, he was an incredible singer and showman.  But of all histalents, his songwriting was probably the strongest.  I was luckyenough to see him just after I began to play harp.  I was 16 years oldand there was a harp show in San Francisco.  It was the first time Isaw Little Charlie and the Nightcats.  There was a three harp boogiefeaturing Curtis Salgado, Gary Smith and I think Byrd Hale.  Hedefinitely had the name Byrd.  But Jerry McCain was awesome.  At thefinal all players in blowout he claimed "I can play better than allthese guys"  and proceeded to blow the back off of it.
Sadly, when I travelled across Europe he was touring as well but Inever was in the same city.Love him!  RIP!Michael
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