Re: [Harp-L] Blues harmonica in different positions by Filip Jers

What I like about Flip's playing is that even while he is demonstrating technique, as in this clip, the quality of the music is what one notices,
despite the excellence of the technique. So often this is not the case, particularly with harmonica players, who are often trying to
overcome the perceived limitations of the instrument, and demonstrate their massive technique, like a frill-neck lizard attempting to repel
predators, to the detriment of the music.

>>> Filip Jers <filip.jers@xxxxxxxxx> 27/03/2012 10:28 >>>
Welcome to check out this new youtube video 

I made youtube video where I play the blues in G on 8 different harmonicas and positions.
I did it to inspire and show the differences in sound between the harps and positions. Hope you like it! 

Filip Jers

Filip Jers 

phone: 0046 768 08 25 50

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