Re: [Harp-L] seeking C-64 nut/bolt sets

The screws that Hohner sells for the purpose are:

These screws are intended to engage with threads cut into the bottom reedplate, eliminating the need for nuts. So you'll also need a tap to cut threads into the bottom reedplate.

(if you elect to use nuts then you'll need slightly longer screws; you could buy the longer screws for the Super 64X, or find the right metric size)

Here's what I bought from McMaster Carr a few years ago to perform this task:

Screws: Metric Cheese Head Slotted Machine Screw 18-8 SS, M1.6 Size, 16 mm Length, .35 mm Pitch, Packs of 25

Thread tap: Tin Coated Metric HSS Spiral Point Tap 1.6 X 0.35 mm, D3 Pitch Dia, 2 Flute, 1-5/8" L O'all 

Note the 1.6mm size and .35mm pitch; those are the defining cahracteristics for the screw diameter and thread. Length is the other important consideration. Screw head type and material (Stainless, brass, etc.) are secondday considerations

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 From: Robert Hale <robert@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: harp-L list <harp-l@xxxxxxxxxx> 
Sent: Sunday, March 25, 2012 11:26 PM
Subject: [Harp-L] seeking C-64 nut/bolt sets
Reed plates on my Hohner C-64 280C are assembled with pins (nails) into
the composite body. Where can I order nut/bolt sets after opening for

Robert Hale

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