Re: [Harp-L] Reed Question

Air loss could be due to:

-- Excessive reed offset
-- Air leaks between reedplate and comb

I'd address the comb/reedplate possibility first.

Remove the covers, and then unscrew the reedplates. Examine the comb tines around the affected hole and make sure that it doesn't have 

--bumps that could push the reedplate up and create leaks
-- dips that could allow air to leak.

(While you have the harp disassembled, examine the gaps of both reeds in the affected hole. If the gaps appear radically different from the gaps of the neighboring holes, then you may want to change the gaps. The easy way to lower is simply flex the reed tip through the slot and tug very gently, then let it spring back.)

If the comb looks OK and the reedplate doesn't exhibit strange departures from either flatness or a gentle curving of the ends away from the ends of the comb, then re-fasten the reedplates to the comb. 

1. First, make sure that the reedplates are on the right way (blow reeds on top) and that the long reeds are in the long comb chambers.

2. Insert the screws and get the screw threads started - engaged with the threads in the bottom reedplate.

3. partially tighten the screws, but leave enough play so that the reedplates can move slightly.

4. Check alignment of the reedplates with the comb, ensuring a good alignment at the front, where the hole openings are located. If the comb has a mouthpiece "fence," make sure that the front edges of the reedplates are snug against the fence to avoid leakage.

5. Tighten the screws. 

  a) Start with the screws in the middle of the left-to-right sequence, and work outward toward the edges. 
  b) Tighten screws until they are "finger tight" - tighten only until the screwdriver resists your fingertips.

To test airtightness, also fasten the covers, as these fasten the ends of the reedplates to the comb. Test by playing.

Hope this helps.


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I have an out-of-the-box Seydel key of D.  It responds really well, except for the 4 draw, which requires a lot more breath to get equal volume.  Do I pdress the reed down a little, or raise it slightly, or non of the above?

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