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ah, alcohol.

always brings out the best in folk

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At one gig we had a drunk girl make a song request and then fall into our 
monitors and mic stands. So we played "I Got Loaded" for her. 

I remember Jason Ricci telling the tale of getting hit w/ a stripper pole at one 
gig by the bar's owner (I think). 

Where would we be w/o the "war" stories. 

Thanks Jerry, 

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Beat this Bruhs - 

. 9pm Friday night show time: Elderly woman approaches bandstand to 
say hello. Trips over floor monitor and hits the deck. Haven't even turned 
on our amps yet. 

. 9:30pm: intoxicated dude #1 shown the door 

. 10:30pm: overzealous/intoxicated dude #2 falls into the PA stand 
while dancing to "American Band" - big GFR fan evidently - Guinness draft 
hits the floor. 

. 10:30:05pm: PA crashes into Guinness draft 

. 10:30:06pm: PA stand falls into guitarist's spare MusicMan 'strat 
- the pricey one 

. 10:30:08pm: 'strat falls into guitarist's Mesa - the pricey one 

. 10:30:15pm: I help intoxicated dude #2 up - receive friendly 
electrical reminder that beer is a fairly good conductor - true 

. 11:15pm: intoxicated dude #3 gets "accidentally slammed" from 
behind - turns out, he's a pal of mine. Said pal is rag-dolled into the 
guitarist and me. Bud Lite this time. Never knew that the volume of beer 
expands when airborne. Also true 

. 11:15:01pm: Dude #3's beer saturates guitarist's entire pedal 
board - too many pedals to count - the pricey ones. My delay pedal also a 
bit gooey. At least the beer is not dark. Thankfully 9V stomp night for me. 
Guitarist is plugged in though. Sidebar: I'm midway through singing "Boom, 
Boom" - not kidding. Boom, Boom. 

I win. 

Can corroborate all. 

Now taking up Parcheesi. 

If I'm lyin' I'm dyin'. 

Joe P. 


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