Re: [Harp-L] dream harmonica performances, songs, pairings, etc.

I've always kinda wanted to see Huey Lewis and Toots Thielemans get down on stage together. Huey's one of the most talented guys I've seen on diatonic in terms of using scale and arpeggio work to make his harp solos sound like they're actual compositions. And I think coupling that with Toots' mad skills on chromatic could render something purely genius. Maybe if they tried something off the wall and, say for instance, Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue?
Anyways, just to get my point across about Huey's technique, here's a solo he did in Germany in '84. (Germans love him)

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Subject: [Harp-L] dream harmonica performances, songs, pairings, etc.

I thought it might be interesting to hear the members of this fine list chime in on their dream harmonica performances--who you'd like to see paired together on stage, who you'd like to be paired together with on stage, what songs you'd like to see performed by a certain artist, etc. Since we're dreaming, I see no reason why death, time, or distance should limit your answer (e.g., no reason, why I can't dream of seeing Sonny Terry and Madcat performing together, or Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jason Ricci trading licks).

Personally, I always hear songs that I think would sound great on the harmonica. I would love to hear a group like Svang or the Adler Trio play the background music from the Star Wars Cantina Band ( or maybe hear Stevie Wonder and Toots playing "The Waters of March" (maybe with Bill Evans on piano; I really would've loved to see Chris Michalek go on tour with some big headliner (like Sting or Prince or... ?).

How 'bout you?

-Marc Molino

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