[Harp-L] Great new CD!

This morning Iâve been listening to the new CD by Primus Motor, a Swedish folk-based trio featuring the hugely talented diatonic and chromatic player Filip Jers. 

I love it from start to finish! The combo of double bass, mandolin and harmonica has a wonderful empathy, their sounds so different but complementing each other in a magical way. There is plenty of great playing from everyone, but itâs harnessed to the greater goal of a beautiful group sound. 

Filipâs harmonica playing has a gorgeous romantic lyricism that will appeal to anyone who loves the instrument. Heâs a cutting edge player on both overblow diatonic and chromatic, but nowhere do you get the âLook Ma!â factor â all that fabulous technique is put in the service of music and feeling. You can hear influences from Stevie Wonder, Howard Levy (and even yours truly, Iâm proud to say â), but Filip has blended them into his own delicious sound, bursting with soul, emotion and intelligence. His intonation, rhythm, choice of notes, sense of whatâs right for the tune â all are faultless, and capped off with a lustrous vibrato to die for.

I recommend this album wholeheartedly to everyone who loves great music and beautiful harmonica playing. You can buy it from the trioâs website:


Brendan Power
WEBSITE: www.brendan-power.com
YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/BrendanPowerMusic

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