[Harp-L] PowerBender

Hats off to Brendan Power for creating an awesome harp. It has totally
changed the way I look at harmonica. All of the overblows and overbends are
there easily on the draw and the note layout is more intuitive. Very easy
to play different positons. Ive mostly just experimented in 1st and 2nd,
but I am just scratching the surface. Another thing I like is that the
tonic is not only draw 2 but draw 6! Making it a cooler way to bend or hit
vibrato more options than a blow 6.

Another nice thing is that it played reasonable out of the box. I slapped a
comb on it and did a few minor adjustments, but it was pretty good from the

Last, it has a book you can buy with 80 something audio tracks and really
really good explanation of the scales and licks. Hats off for writing it so
well that people like me (that don't read music) can totally understand. I
think it was 85 bucks total (harp and book/cd) with shipping? The book
alone was worth it, I felt like a got a personal lesson with Mr. Power.

Try one! You won't be dissapointed.

Matthew Smart

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