[Harp-L] Re: RE no effects or delay?

The Kinder varies depending on the rig.  I had one for like 6-7yrs
that I just sold off due  to the fact I don't have an amp rig that
would be able to use it.  I had not problems with it and its impact on
tone BUT I used it with harp friendly amps and didn't try to get
stupid loud with it.  It is not a great plug and play pedal.  You have
to spend time with each of the three knobs while using the exact rig
at stage volume to dial it in.

I play with a fairly clean tone and the Kinder never prevented that.
This clip is old and I try to demo the impact of the pedal on tone:

Honestly, if you are already using other processors in your chain
anyways, the Kinder isn't going to do anything to hurt your tone (if
set transparently).

I gig one extreme to the other - POD HD500 with patches for
compressor, eq, delays, mods, and filters or just straight into a HG2
and/or VHT.


On Mar 23, 7:03 am, "John F. Potts" <h...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> You know, I also find that the Kinder AFB+ screws up tone.  Can't get
> a decent clean tone through that box.
> I consider "transparent effects" like a compressor, equalizer, and
> sonic stomp to be PROCESSORS rather than effects.
> JP

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