[Harp-L] RE no effects or delay?

I use a lot of transparent effects that are always on. I do the compressor
and sonic stomp book ending my chain. I have delay on probably 75% of the
time I vary the settings from a subterranean level to a single slap. I use
the carbon copy it is my favorite delay next to the red witch titan delay
which I cant justify the money for at this time.

I havent tried the lone wolf delays but people love them. I'd probably if I
were to buy one get the v2 for the clean repeats.

in the middle of the chain I use the harp break, harp octave, I go back and
forth between the red witch medusa and the bbe mindbender and a micro pog
for fun and I use it for solo looping stuff.

I use the break specifically to get a good cut when I am not getting the
break up I want for a solo. I use the octave for a different touch. I run
both fairly transparently. Just enough for the effect to start to happen.

The chorus or chorus trem depending on day I like a lot for chromatic.

the pog is just good fun and combined with other effects I can get a good
organ tone.

realistically I am playing a slightly shaped tone with delay as my base
tone. the other effects are purely for flavor or to aid in short comings
due to not really driving the amp hard enough.

straight in I have to be much louder to get a comparable tone. if I turn
off the shaping effects I have to crank up to 7 or so on a bassman with the
compressor just on and the sonic maximizer I feel I get the same or
comparable tone around 4-5 on the knob which is much more appealing.

so I guess my effects are all an attempt to sound straight in and cranked
but not actually being totally cranked.

I use a kinder on occasion when I borrow one as I am still waiting on mine
to show up. it adds a slight crunch to the tone but it isnt the most
pleasing tone so I try to be as transparent with it as I can.

small amps like a champ or vht I go straight in or delay usually as I can
drive them much harder usually. They for me benefit less from effects. and
the bottom end usually isn't something I ant to contour much with them.

the harp breaks bass boost function is great with some amps. I

I have a harp tone + and honestly the only amp I like it with is an amp I
hate to begin with, the blues jr. it is a pedal I wouldn't buy unless you
are a jam rat and don't provide your own amp for the back line. it helps
sub par amps sound ok. the only reason I own it is due to it coming with
the octave and break in a package deal. it does what it claims to do I just
dont find it useful for amps that sound good to begin with.

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