[Harp-L] No Effects or Delay?

I don't like to play dry. Among other things, I think reverb or delay evens out the timbre of a harp--smooths out the tonal differences between bent and unbent notes to a certain extent. Also provides a nice dimension and ambiance to the sound which I like. For me, either reverb or delay will do and I'm ok with on board reverb in the amp itself. I don't consider reverb or slap back delay as an effect--I look at it as part of the sound reinforcement/ amplification .

As far as other effects in general are concerned, I like 'em, but don't always use 'em. Depends on the gig. Lately, I've been gigging in a duo playing Delta and Piedmont and other basically acoustic style blues with a guitar player but we're both playing electric and with pedalboard electronics. Pretty interesting way to present that sort of material--makes it sort of like trance blues and the audiences seem to like it. It's different, but we're getting pretty regular bookings which is cool. We're not "in your face" electric and we don't do overkill with the effects, but it goes over really well and it's fun.

IMHO, the trick is to use effects pedals that respond to playing technique and aren't just sound effects. I also think it's important to experiment enough with whatever electronic gizmos you decide to use in order to really understand what which effects and combination of effects do to your sound. I also think it's important to pay attention to what the pedals you select will do to your tone when they are not engaged. I'm an electric player and it makes it easier to be musical with the electronics that way. Personally, I also pay attention to what gear whatever guitar player I'm playing with will be using since I think balance is an important consideration, too.



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