[Harp-L] Re: Players to Listen To

Elisabeth wrote:
>Maybe it's simply a failure to communicate? 

Maybe it is, but maybe just a trace of irony had crept in to my post: It´s Harp-l after all and what do we listen to here ... Well, quite a lot of harp players. Some people appear to even say their morning prayers to Little Walter, Jason Ricci, Howard Levy and what have you, so it was a little funny to see this unity in that we not should listen to harp players.

>Many of us ALSO highly recommend other harmonica players. For instance  
>(among a slew of other videos for harmonica players I like and have posted  
>links to here) I've several times suggested this one: jjmilteau's Inspirations  
Yes, like that one a lot.
>Listening to other instruments isn't an 'all or nothing' idea, only a way  
>to expand one's musical horizons. 

How true.

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