Re: [Harp-L] amplifier question

RE below-
If the intent is to use the 5F2H as a distortion preamp for the bigger amp, 
this would not be accomplished with a splitter. 
The unused input jack will work as an input for a second amp in some but 
not all amps- depends on the circuit design. 
Jim R


> Bill, It will work but it is not ideal.  It won't cause any harm, so
> don't worry about that.  Try it and see how it sounds.  One problem is
> that the line level to the second amp will change every time you
> adjust the volume on the Weber.  You might get better results with a
> signal splitter. 
> Does the Weber have two inputs?  I don't recall...  You can always use
> the second unused input jack as an output to a second amp. 
> -Rick Davis

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