[Harp-L] News on Cajun harmonica player Jerry Devillier at SPAH 2012

Well, I wasn't planning on coming to SPAH this year, but seeing that Jerry
Devillier will be headlining will make me recheck my schedule/pocketbook.
I've known and loved Jerry since his first SPAH, which was probably my 2nd
or 3rd.  He is a fabulous player in a style of music that I love.  Truly
one of a kind. And he is a wonderful person and teacher as well.  A true
asset to the harp community, as well as the Cajun community.

Prior to meeting Jerry I visited the Liberty Theater in Eunice, LA and it
was a highlight of my life.  So when I met Jerry the first time and saw he
was from Eunice, I asked him if he had ever been to the theater.  What a
dumb question that turned out to be!  Winslow described hiim as
modest....an understatement.  Jerry said he had been to the theater "a few
times."  I find out later he practically runs the place.  Soon after I
returned home from SPAH that year I had in my mailbox, unsolicited, a DVD
of the exact performance I had been to at the Liberty, an anniversary show
so the date was easy to pinpoint.

Thanks to Winslow and Joe for recognizing this talent and making him a
"headliner"at SPAH.  What a treat this will be for people that haven't yet
met him or heard him play (or heard him just talk....I could listen to him

Betsy Johnson

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