[Harp-L] News on Cajun harmonica player Jerry Devillier at SPAH 2012

Good news on the SPAH entertainment front.

You may already know that we're finally going to be able to present Cajun harmonica Jerry Devillier. That all by itself is great news (more on Jerry in a minute).

Jerry will be accompanied on his Thursday evening show by Cajun fiddler Brandon Moreau, with Joe Filisko on guitar. This configuration will let Jerry present the give-and-take that is part of Cajun ensemble playing.

Brandon Moreau and Jerry Devillier live in neighboring parishes in southern Louisiana Cajun country. Brandon gigs regularly in New Orleans and plays in several styles. He's looking to have a musical holiday at SPAH and will likely be jamming in the hallways. You can check out Brandon Moreau's music at http://www.brandonmoreaumusic.com/

Jerry Devillier is one of only three harmonica players I've ever heard who play in the pure Cajun style (the other two are Isom Fontenot and Arteleus Mistric). Jerry evolved his harmonica style from trying to imitate his father's diatonic accordion playing. A modest man, he has a deep connection to his native tradition and takes part in producing the regular Cajun music events at the Liberty Theatre in Eunice, Louisiana: 


Jerry has delighted SPAH attendees informally for the last several years in impromptu performances and hallway sessions. At last he has agreed to an onstage appearance, and we welcome the opportunity to present him.


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