Re: [Harp-L] New Harmonica Mic?

On the technical side, it seems very similar to the Peavey H5. Supercardioid dynamic, on/off switch and v/c, mini-XLR connection...
I have a Cherry Bomb myself, and I like it for the extra features it has. Not enthralled by its element, but it gets the job done consistently. This new animal you've found looks like it might be an interesting piece, if nothing else then in the area of ergonomics. The element could more than likely be replaced with something more desirable.


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Subject: [Harp-L] New Harmonica Mic?

I stumbled across this today.
I don't it expect to be any better than other recent harmonica mics like the Peavy etc. and I find it interesting that no one can get it right. These things always seem to be marketed toward the new harmonica player with $300 to spend on a mic and amp at Guitar Center. I'm not knocking low budgets or newbies, I'm knocking the lack of awareness for the more discriminating harmonica player market. 

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