Re: [Harp-L] Danny Boy harmony on diatonic

re: -Howard Levy has a short U tube vid on this song using a G harp in 1st position.  
Twds the end, he does some beautiful harmony work and 
c. 4:45 he plays in C, 12th position.

Thanks much for this link & thread.  Having just performed this for St. Paddy's day (Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica), its great to hear Howard's version, the harmonies, and the 12th position option.  What lovely articulation.

I ended up taking the easy road and played it racked on a Hohner 270 in B (solo tuning) for the Vocalist's range and to get at all the notes.

If I had more time, I considered modifying a B diatonic by taking the 2 and 3 draws each down two semitones, and valving hole 4 for access to the missing 7th note of the scale as a blow bend.  (I have to give full credit and thanks to Rick Epping for suggesting this tuning to me for traditional session tunes and accompaniment-). 

I did use this tuning for a lovely ballad called "Oro Mo Bhadin",
This was the reference version for learning the guitar accompaniment:

Transposed to a Bb - SP 20 re tuned as above. It worked out well for nice chordal backup for 
the vocals and soloing on the melody.

Burke T. 

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fssharp@xxxxxxxxx wrote: I've been asked to play a duet with another wind 
instrument on Danny Boy.  Instead of just doubling the lead, I 
would like to play harmony.


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