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In high school, long before I could ever play any instrument, whenever in that neighborhood (and Times Square was not at all what it is now; back then it was full of topless joints and peep shows and -- most importantly to some of us -- bars that would serve us at 16-17 years old) used to go into Manny's Music just to look at all the autographed photos on the walls. Didn't matter who was the bigger star, the  signed photo of Mick Jagger or David Bowie was barely visible behind someone like Lee Hayes or Steve Goodman. Years later I bought a guitar there, and they shipped it to me in California. 

Alas, Manny's was bought out by Sam Ash some 6-7 years ago. The store is still there, and they have a Manny's Music in LA; but they're both part of the Sam Ash conglomeration. 


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At 03:01 PM 3/19/2012, you wrote:
>When I started playing harmonica in 1964, I could buy a Marine Band
>harmonica for $2.25 at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago.

Manny's, 49th St., 1966: $1.75.  Best price ever.  Manny's was not the only
musical instrument store on 49th, and yet it had the best prices on everything.

Here's an interesting Manny's factoid: New York musicians of my generation
will recall that until the late 60's, Manny's was in a brownstone closer to
Sixth Ave than its current location.  Manny owned the brownstone.

The Rockefellers approached him, wanting to buy him out so they could build
a high rise.  (This was the era when Sixth Ave was completely converted to
gigantic glass skyscrapers.)  Manny said he'd sell them the building if he
could move his operation into the brand new giant glass building they owned
a few doors to the west.  He told them how much space he needed, that he
wanted a 100 year lease and, oh yes, he only wanted to pay a dollar per
year.  They accepted his terms.

I'll bet Manny's prices are still fine like wine.


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