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Bill, yes, you can plug the 5F2H "line out" into the bigger amp's input. The line-out voltage divider drops down the signal voltage to something that the amp's input can handle and does not affect the impedance load that the 5F2H's tubes see. Safe all round.
 NEVER plug the "speaker out" of one amp into another amp (instead of using the correct speaker load & wattage)...this could lead to damage on both units.
I'd suggest plugging the 5F2H's line out into the cleaner input on the bigger amp (#2?), when lining out a small amp you don't often need to drive its volume control so hard & may need to use more highs than if playing solely through the small amp's on board speaker. Set the bigger amp much as you would if plugging straight in, focus on the tone from the big amp's speakers.

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Hello fellow Harp-L'ers,

This one is for the gear-heads out there....

I have a small Weber kit 5F2H amp with a line out, as well as a Kendrick Texas Crude harp amp, built into a 4x10 reissue Bassman.

Can I plug a cable from the 5F2H's line out into one of the four Bassman inputs?  Or will it cause harm?  I know nothing about electronic stuff and worry about ruining things by just plugging them in anywhere.



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