Re: [Harp-L] A Marine Cost?

You had a dollar. What a lucky kid. We used to have to go behind the gas stations and drain the drips from the empty cans to get a pint of oil. Then all pitch in 10 1/2 cents each to  make a quarter. Gas was 22 cents. And our town was all hills, so half the time we had to push the car to get it going...uphill...both ways. And we had no shoes, so we would cut our feet on all the glass from the previous wrecks.  Yeah, you rich Detroit kids were lucky. Oh, and a Marine Band was $2.50. That's 125 deposit bottles. 


On Mar 20, 2012, at 7:37 AM, The Iceman wrote:

> When I was a teenager and we used to "cruise Woodward Ave" in Detroit, we'd all pile into a car and pitch in $1 for gas. Since gas was $.29/gallon, we'd fill up the tank easily.
> Oh yeah, my harmonicas cost me $3.25.

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