Re: [Harp-L] SPAH offices

On Mar 20, 2012, at 7:52 AM, Richard Williger wrote:

> I, for one, am happy that there is competition for the SPAH offices.
> Nothing is more deflating than having to search for someone to man (person?)
> the helm of any organization.  To have 4 tremendously qualified and
> motivated people seeking to move the organization forward (according to
> their own view, of course, but that's presumed) is great!  Woe to us when we
> reach the point where no one cares.

> Good point Richard..and exACTLY the point. Almost from it's inception, except for the first couple years, in the 49 years that spah has been around,
for about 33 of those years, Gordon Mitchell was president. That's because no one wanted that (thankless) job. Today we have a different clan of
enthusiasts. And I for one am only too happy to see this. It's refreshing and as Elizabeth (unofficial spah good will ambassadress) so eloquently wrote.
Spah is the Cat's pajamas. So let the good times roll.   :) 


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