[Harp-L] SPAH - the international angle

Folks have chimed in about some of the international artists we've featured at past SPAH conventions. Featuring these artists is always a treat, partly because of the great playing and styles it brings us to enjoy, and partly because it's a difficult proposition financially due to the cost of bringing in overseas artists. Generally their travel is made possible by third-party funding, sometimes by manufacturers, sometimes because the artists put together a tour that includes US dates, sometimes with the aid of grants and even private benefactors as happened with Christelle Berthon in 2009.

In 2012, we'll be featuring from overseas:

Pablo Fagundes from Brazil

Filip Jers from Sweden

Jean Sabot from Brittany (France)

Pablo plays Brazilian music on chromatic and was featured at SPAH a few years back. This time he'll be accompanied by Brazilian guitarist

Filip plays both diatonic and chromatic in a range of styles from Swedish folk music through Irish, Portuguese, and jazz (he also plays guitar and chromatic button accordion). Filip has been to North America before touring with the Stockholm Lisboa Project, but this is his first trip to SPAH.

Jean Sabot plays French Celtic music on diatonic. he and James Conway (Chicago Irish) have visited back and forth and played gigs together. This time Jean is visiting James, and they'll be brewing up a poweful and varied brew of traditional music.


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