[Harp-L] Re: SPAH Election - An Observation

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>  I'm not a member of SPAH. I kind of thought about it and of attending this 
> years conference, but nah. Too much monkey business for me to get involved 
> in.

I understand. I don't like electioneering either, which is why I volunteered to chair the Election Committee. ;)
But seriously, the convention (not a conference... no white papers or PPT presentations) has nothing to do with elections. Well, practically nothing. We do have a general meeting to discuss SPAH business, but no one ever comes. The convention is for people to play harmonica, listen to harmonica, buy harmonicas, talk about harmonicas, learn about harmonicas, discover new harmonicas, and just generally harmonica harmonica harmonica. (It's like a Smurf village, but in a different language, and few people actually turn blue). 

The only reason the elections season seems to be a big deal this year is that it's the first time in SPAH's roughly 50 year history that more than one person has run for President. Seriously. First time. That should tell you something about how un-political SPAH really is. 

Come to the convention. I'll even harmonica you a beer. ;)

Chairman, SPAH Election Committee;
Editor & Publisher, Harmonica Happenings Magazine;
Jack of All Trades, Master of None.

--Jp Pagán

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