[Harp-L] SPAH and Transparency

In addition to our vision for growth and professionalization, Warren and I believe SPAH should be a fully transparent organization. The current management clique has been disinclined to make available important information to the membership like our financial status, the day to day workings, and the rules which govern the organization.  

The only financial disclosure made by the organization was the publicly available Tax Returns. Requests for more detailed information were refused.

Go to http://www.bobjcohen.org to download copies of the tax returns and to see meeting minutes. Note: the minutes cover the period I served on the board and come from my own records.


Vote for Bob Cohen and Warren Bachman for SPAH President/Vice President
See us on the web at http://www.bobjcohen.org
Not a member? Join SPAH now: http://www.spah.org/index.php/join-renew

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