[Harp-L] Bob and Warren SPAH Campaign Headquarters

Hi Guys,

SPAH Election season is upon us. Warren and I have established a web presence at http://www.bobjcohen.org. Please note the .org at the end. The .com will bring you to my on-line writer's notebook, which you're welcome to peruse. However, if you're looking for information about our candidacy or our vision, you'll find that at bobjcohen.org as well as in posting to the various on-line harmonica resources.

Warren and I respect that with a membership of slightly more than 800, the SPAH election may be perceived as background noise. We will be respectful about our posting frequency.

We also sincerely hope if you are not a member that you consider joining (and of course voting for us). There's a perception among many non-members that organization SPAH and the annual convention are one and the same. And that unless you attend the convention, there are no benefits to joining.

Our principal goals are to expand SPAH's operations beyond the convention and to change the perception by providing tangible benefits for the membership over and above a discount on the convention ticket and the quarterly magazine.

Best Wishes,


Vote for Bob Cohen and Warren Bachman for SPAH President/Vice President
See us on the web at bobjcohen.org
Not a member? Join SPAH now: http://www.spah.org/index.php/join-renew

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