Re: [Harp-L] Why 12th?

Amazing Grace works in 12th position and sounds rather nice -- without bends.  Since it is a pentatonic song, there is no need for the F#. AG also works in 2nd and 1st -- and maybe more. But my concern was offering it to beginning students in my Harmonica 101 class without the need for bends in 3 keys. C harp plays in G and F. 

I like Amazing Grace in 12th because it sounds good. 

Hope this helps,

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>Can someone please tell me what 12th position is especially good for--what you 
would rather play in 12th than >2nd, and why?

>Thanks, Richard Hunter

The very short musical answer is: because of the potential in 6 D, the major 3. 
Should be handled with care, of course, but itÂs a great wailing opportunity 
there. Does not translate to 3 D. And most certainly not to 7 D.
The ... -- economic answer is: so we will not have to buy another set of harps, 
in country tuning. A great tuning, but buying all these harps is rather taxing 


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