[Harp-L] Custom Harps-my 1st- I was blind but now can see

Burke T:  You are welcome!  I really appreciate your support.  I get little with how I do music.  I often wonder why the human being is so resistant to change?  It has been a lonesome road dotted with chance encounters with kind people like yourself.  THe universe has guided me on this journey as I walk blindly around the world. I am forever grateful to all the kind souls that have supported my approach to music.  The universe has guided me to becoming a 1 man band, building a recording studio, and learning how to make decent recordings.  With these harps I am now ready to conquer the world with SPONTOBEAT!    Walter 
I am on day 4 with these harps and they feel like I have had them forever!  Here are a bunch of recordings from today
change don't complain
the final day
foot tappin
the evil inside
gonna boogie and rock you tonight
pick your feet up and jump with joy
how I lose the blues
Custom Harps-my 1st- I was blind but now can see

Custom Harps-my 1st- I was blind but now can see

Thanks for the feedback and positive response Walter.  Shoot, even a shout out in a Spontobeat song!

I've been restoring & customizing a good batch of these Hicksville era Marine Bands recently.  They belonged to someone's grandfather who apparantly was a harp teacher (also confirmed by the high count of harps in the Key of A).  I was fortunate to come across them before they got all got tossed or given away.  

I'm working through the rest of the lot and hope to make some available to players who appreciate the sound.  

I know Walter puts his harps through the paces the way he plays and cranks out the Spontobeat songs.  Maybe the next generation of hit songs will all be composed and inspired by the Spontobeat method!  One take, no overdubs, sing and blow what you feel ....  that's all you get, just one chance to sing your song, and then the moment passes.  

I like the tracks Walter.  Hitting the bends and warbles nice and hard and its good to hear the way the harps sound from the other end.  
Hope you have a good time & performance at the Harmonica College Jam in WV!  Too many miles away for me to attend, but it looks like a great lineup of players and harp lore all in one place.


Burke T.

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Burke T, out of the Bay area, took a box of my tired old harps and sent me back 
a box today with some of mine revived/customized and some of his customized 
harps. All I can say is I am floored. It brought back the same feeling I had 
when in the 7th grade and �my parents finally took me in for glasses. It turned 
out �I was close to legally blind and when I walked out of that shop with my
first pair of glasses on the world was in focus for the first time in my life. 
It was like this with these harps. I have been playing stock harps since the mid 
70's and just plain got use to it as normal but I now realize, working with 
harps that stuck, buzzed, were hard to play, and the high end was useless on 
many keys there is a new world out there. To sum it up simply- I can flow so 
much easier with my entire sound. It is sort of jolting because I am programed 
for stuff to get stuck, out of wack. I don't know if anyone will hear any 
difference but I can. 

This is my
first session with some of them. I used a hicksville MB in A, and Hicksville MB 
in G on these. Burk T is passionate about harps and I am glad to have met him. I 
often wonder why I stay on these forums and then I meet a guy like him, and many 
of you here, and it makes it all worth it. I TAKE BACK EVERYTHING I HAVE SAID TO 
DATE ON CUSTOMIZED HARPS. I was dead wrong about being able to get what I wanted 
out of stock harps since I blew one of these. But I am glad it has taken me this 
long to get one because my style is mine and now I can take it to new places! 

with the 1 man band

never seen another dance like my Judy B
Soon I was a highway man

just vocal and the harps

Burkee T let me see
dizzy with hammers in my head I can't see
the hard times are all gone



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