Re: [Harp-L] Why 12th?

I played a job last night strolling, with a quartet, playing guitar, singing and playing harp--but only 6 harps, in a Hohner belt--
So I had to cut down, I usually have several dozen harps to choose from. 
We played one song in F, 12th was doable on a C. 
IIRC, the only other song I used that harp for, I had to keep playing 3 draw double bend for the A (Mairi's Wedding--this was not a blues situation). 
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Also, like 2nd position, 12th position is one accidental away from the 
tonic key of the harp (it's 2nd position on the circle of fourths.) That 
means, like 2nd position, not so many bends are needed to play a major 
key melody. The utility of the position as a major key position is as 
Martin has well described it.


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