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Thanks for enticing me to do a little spring cleaning.  I finally found my calipers in my tool box, where they belonged! LOL
The thickness hovered between .0015" and .002".  Literally the same thickness as Bill Romels' ( ) black ones. 

I have successfully used cheap fingernail polish sparingly, as does Bill Price. I  carefully apply a small dab on the valve mating surface, attach valve to reed plate and then add a little over the end for a little more security. Several adhesives work well but many take longer to dry. Be sure to punch a hole in any valve where it contacts the sticking-up rivet. 

 While working this area it may be good to consider adding BluTack or bees wax or such to the attaching end of the reed to help eliminate any squealing, if that is an issue.

Lockjaw Larry
Caliper hunting 

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yes!  I'd like to know the thickness, Larry - AND I'd like to know 
just what you use to attach your windsavers?! 
THAT must be where I 'vaguely' remember hearing about the silpat in use for 
chromatics - but couldn't remember for what purpose - figured it must be for 
It would certainly be stiff enough not to curl and just slick enough 
not to buzz or stick to the reedplate as conventional valves do when wet, 
so what adhesive makes it usable? 
Inquiring chromatic minds are ever so interested! :)
Perhaps THIS is finally the perfect valve material.
The video lab I worked in for years used a larger version of the 
teflon "cookie sheets" where
slick, nonstick surfaces were required. Sandy uses sheets purchased from 
Bed Bath and Beyond in her quilting studio. I use slivers of the same sheets for 
windsavers. And they do cut very easily with scissors, rolling blade cutters and 
razor blades, even though they are very tough and durable in use. I can measure 
the thickness if anyone wants to know.

Lockjaw Larry
Ipad 3 happy camper"
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[Harp-L] Small mp leak 

Realizing I've never used and 
probably never WILL use a 'gasket', but what 
about Silpat...anyone think 
it's remotely useable? Not sure if it'd be 
easy to cut. Mine doesn't have 
that border shown in the 


or this newer generic version I just found online (much less 
expensive AND 
able to be 



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On Mar 15, 
2012, at 6:14 PM, Music Cal wrote:
> Does anybody know of a 
rubber-like material that does not smell, is thin
> enough for this 
purpose (.005 in to .01 inch) and is FDA grade (safe 
> food so 
safe in one's mouth)? The material of Ziploc food bags does not
> have an 
odor and its FDA grade but it is not thick enough or spongy 
for a good gasket.
> Music Cal

I once used red hot water 
bottle rubber. It was the correct thickness. 
Unfortunately, the water 
bottles these days aren't smooth. They have a pebble 
grain finish., and too 
thick anyway.No good. I'm still thinking. (Every 
time my family throws 
something out, I study it for possible harmonica 
uses.....and 'I' do the 
garbage. lolol)

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