Subject: Re: Subject: [Harp-L] hold diatonic right or left hand???

EGS: Lol, John, what - did we have the same l'il ol' Nuns smacking us with  
the same big leather straps across the knuckles (and other places) when we  
were kids? I distinctly remember not being given a choice with which hand 
to  pick up my pen. If you were a lefty - too bad, you wrote with your right 
anyway.  No wonder my handwriting is still entirely indecipherable.<G>
JW "I'm left handed, although I mostly write with my right hand because  
that was what I was taught to do when I was a child. I mostly hold my harps in 
 my right hand.
I also play harmonica with the high notes to the right, 
because that is  how they are on a piano.
I guess "what ever works for YOU" is the right  way!"
EGS: Now THIS makes sense as to why I kept playing that way  after 
beginning some piano lessons...and I'm in absolute agreement  with 'whatever works 
for you'. It's such an individual thing - WE're all so  different, there's 
absolutely no reason (or surprise) that our methods and  modes of playing 
shouldn't be too. - I'm still going to give the 'upside down'  lefty style a 
shot, though...just to see if fits me better. Everything else  I've tried 
hasn't so I didn't stick with it.
"Best wishes,
John "Whiteboy" Walden
Just now in Scotland."

EGS: I have cousins still living in Glasgow - should find out just where  
you might be playing and suggest they go out to see you. I definitely envy  
you your original Renny - it's still (and probably always will be) the creme 
de  la creme of chromatics for me. Douglas and Bobbie together created 
something  incomparable with that stunning instrument. 

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