[Harp-L] When 12th position is better than 2nd

Richard Hunter asked, "Can someone please tell me what 12th position is especially good for--what you would rather play in 12th than 2nd, and why?"


simple answers:
1) you have the 7th scale degree needed for melodies. 2nd has a flatted 7th.
2)(for diatonic players):I aproach diatonic 12th with holed  4 through 10. When I play 2nd I use the whole harp, but I do have to bend that 3 hole for my 2nd scale degree. No bent 2nd scale degree in 12th.

Try the intro to "All of Me" in 2nd.  I couldn't, but in 12th I could. 

But I admit, only in first can you do all of "all of me"

Jim Rumbaugh

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