Re:[Harp-L] replacement reeds

Zombor asks:

1. Does anyone know where can I buy new reeds from?

Not without some idea of which manufacturer(s) and which models
of harmonicas you want reeds for. Hohner will sell individual reeds
with certain restrictions. Seydel USA Rupert Oysler may be able to
help with Seydel 1847 harps. Please repost with harp information and
more assistance may be available. 

This is a never-ending request by the harmonica community. Some of 
the manufacturers are trying to respond within cost restrictions, which 
means that either you have to purchase a minimum number of a specific 
reed (5, in the case of Hohner, which is actually quite reasonable) or 
you have to purchase replacement reed plates and salvage the reed(s) 
you need. So far, no one has developed the capability to provide 
replacement reeds in quantities of 1 for all harmonicas. I keep dreaming 
of having that capability some day in the not-so-distant future.

2. Is there anyone out there repairing Seydel 1847 harmonicas?

Yes. George Miklas already responded and is a great resource.
I just finished a repair on an 1847 (with stellar assistance from
Rupert Oysler) for a friend, Dr. Tim Noone. However, I do this for
my own amusement and NOT as a business; George is in business
to do this, and I highly recommend him. There are certainly others, 
like Dave Payne of Elk River harmonicas. I'm not sure if Rupert still 
does repairs directly for customers. Contact him and I'm sure he 
can put you in touch with some tech who can do the work for you.

Crazy (but not enough to believe I can make a living repairing harps!) Bob

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