[Harp-L] RE: What do yo charge for recording?

Around this town, it's often a per song basis. Anywhere from $50, with no minimum, for well known local players with impressive track records but who don't like to travel much, to $200 for players that are in demand across the country by big name acts.

The guys I used on my last record, all stars of one description or another, all said, "Whatever everybody else is getting." The first guy quoted $50 per song so that set the price and is what they all agreed on. They didn't have to travel, the session was mid-week, and at a great studio they were all familiar with including the engineer.

The songs were simple though with some quirks in the arrangement. I sent demos for them to prepare with at their leisure but didn't ask for rehearsal. The rhythm section, piano, and guitarist took one full day in the studio. The guitarist came back for a 1/2 day of overdubs and then insisted on coming back for another couple of hours because he thought he could do better. Still only wanted $50 per song.. The fiddle player came in during a lunch break from another session, nailed overdubs on two songs and was done. All the guys said thank you, some invited me to play on a couple of their gigs, and all in all in was a very memorable and enjoyable session. I took my cue from that and when asked, charge $50 per song, with no minimum.

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