[Harp-L] payment for joey

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> Subject: Re: [Harp-L] Teachers: form of payment
> To: "Mike Rogers" <bullfrog9@xxxxxxx>
> I would gladly take a check. And if it bounces, my attitude is that it's always worth  couple bucks to find out what a person is made of.  lol
> s-j

come on joe, you also take other things in payment....these folks know you all too well....no fooling here...

I've heard that you've been known to take used car parts (for making reeds)
a 1971 volvo 142 comes to mind...

and the occasional suspension from that same car, but a year earlier... probably for the same use, but for a tenor harmonica....

plus, to avoid the actual BUYING of harmonica-related equipment, or avoiding the mugging of a hat-wearing old lady outside your church on sunday,  taking payment in hat pins and emery boards might actually improve your relationship  with The Law, and with your immediate family...at least the feminine ones....just one short of  a trifecta of store-avoidance

let's be honest, joe...


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