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<< SO glad there are more of us talking about the use  of these other keys. 
Are yours CX-12's or 270's? >>
All of my chromatic harmonicas are made by Hohner, or at least have  Hohner 
reed plates. This is simply because I like the Hohner tone, and I do NOT  
get sponsorship from that company. My main "C" instrument is an ILUS  
Renaissance, with "Mellow Tone" reed plates. It is an awesome harmonica and  is the 
best chromatic that I have ever played, rather better than a  "Silver 
Concerto".  Most of the rest are Hohner Super Chromonica  "270"s, and I have just 
one CX-12 at the moment, a tenor "C". I do intend to add  more CX-12s 
eventually though. I want to get a "Bb" CX-12 next, once I  have saved enough 
money to buy one.
I first learned to play harmonica on a "G" 270, and still feel most at home 
 playing on a chromatic constructed in the key of "G";
Fortunately, I only had 2 decent harps stolen from me and not my whole  
working kit. I lost a regular CX-12 which was an ok  instrument but not great, 
and I also lost a really nice Michael Timler  customised, tenor "C" 270. I 
really miss that harp. However  I have  replaced that with an Antony Danneker 
custom CX-12 tenor "C" which I like a  lot!
Best wishes,
John "Whiteboy" Walden
Just now in Glasgow, Scotland.
Looking for work anywhere in the world!
_http://johnwalden.freevar.cm_ ( 

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