[Harp-L] "Dont Follow" by Alice In Chains

Any insight from anyone who plays the tune?  Or can anyone tell me what key
harps are used?  For whatever reason it seems to be hard to find this info
on the internet as if this song isn't a masterful piece of work and a
brilliant harmonica showcase.

I don't have a full set yet, I'm working with about 8 different harps right
now, been playing for about 6 months but progressed rapidly.  I'm fairly
weak still with blues scales just from lack of practice and study, but I've
really taken naturally to playing in cross harp and I find myself easily
picking up most intermediate harping I hear with relative ease.  I believe
there are two different keys used in this song and it seams pretty obvious
he is playing in second position.  Any other info is appreciated.


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