[Harp-L] Spiral Chromatic

Ever have a moment when you're sure you are the first to think of a
brilliant new idea?


A student and I were reciting the benefits of Spiral harps, and of
Chromatic, and blurted, almost simultaneously: Why not Spiral-Chromatic! Glad
I searched it in the archives first, before blabbing it to y'all, here.

Anyway, Seydel has it under CHROMATIC DELUXE configurable, and I'm
considering one. (12-hole, about $180)

or the small URL: http://goo.gl/rvxLt

Since Spiral is good for getting lots of draw bends, do I benefit from
having this harp fully valved, as I would most other Chromes? Do I lose any
(normal) draw-bend-ability when the Spiral becomes valved?

Robert Hale

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