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Thanks guys, it´s as I suspected. Strangely enough I found even another similar distorsion gadget in an old case w/electronics stuff that I´d forgotten all about. That one sounds really and I mean really, bad.
  I´ll just hand them in to the nearest police station.
All the best,

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Hi Martin.  I bought one of those, several years ago.  It didn't really work with harp for me and feedback problems were rampant.  I still have it, but would also let it go, if I could find an interested party.

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It's a nice pedal--
it's not as brittle as a distortion pedal. If you don't like it sell it. Having said that, I too have one in storage for which I have no use. 
Cheers, Gary

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An effects pedal that I own but don´t use -- and I have no recollection of ever having used it for harmonica -- is a "Boss Super Overdrive DS" something. Why I´ve bought it is not clear to me.
I wonder, can this be of use for the harp in some kind of setting?
It sound impossibly "electric" to me (psychedelic guitar 1960´s) but I haven´t tried it in a whole variety of rigs, just the one I´ve got here at home. Thinking of giving it away to some needy youngster in the metal zone, but I´m not Santa Claus so any interesting use for the harp must be considered first.

in Sweden

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