[Harp-L] Re: blows me away mike. mic. whatever

 I just got my new mike from Greg (blows me away productions)... some of you would probably get a mic, but I got a mike.

A Shure Sm58, with vol. control, weighs around 2/3 of the original weight, which will, I'm thinking, translate into less carpal tunnel, which can't be a bad thing.

same sound, vol control seems to work nicely...shuts all the way off, which is a good idea... I wasn't sure what to expect. But it's good to know that , far from an amp or foot pedal, I can insult people and have it not go thru the amp for all to hear.

STILL, an occasional wrong note will slip thru this new mike but, as much as I'm trying to blame Greg, it being his work and all, I'm suspecting  that he's really not to blame for the wrong notes.....

but I thought it was worth a shot.... I'm probably going to have to return to blaming the guy sitting next to me when I make some pilot error at work. (Yeah actually  I own the domain "PassTheBlame.com", and for good reason. )

Next time I'll ask Greg  for the Clam Filter version.

jon kip 

los angeles



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