Re: [Harp-L] hold diatonic right or left hand???

When I get a new student who hasn't established his or her "grip", as
I like to call it, I stay away from right hand left hand concept.  I
am a big believer in starting with a grip that can be comfortable and
adaptable.  Basically I have them grip the harp in a way that cups
well acoustically and is ready to "open up" to insert a microphone to
go electric.

Low notes on left. Left end of harp placed at base of the inside of
left thumb. Right end of harp at inside base of right forefinger. Then
"collapse" fingers around back of harp to create a cup.  Can go either
way, right fingers over left or left over right. I prefer right over
left. The right thumb actually covers the last few holes of the harp.
When you run up to the high end of the harp you just push the thumb
out of the way.  With this grip you just open up the back end and can
insert a microphone and then "recup" around the mic head/bullet. Same
basic grip for every situation.

Another reason I like this grip is because you can get a great seal
against your cheeks and chin with the skin on the sides of the thumbs
and the "V" created that leads to the base of the palms that are
connected at the bottom.

Maybe this wordy explanation will confuse some.  I just figured this
out on my own but I sure didn't invent it. I have seen others doing
the same thing. I think Dennis Gruenling does it this way.


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