Re: [Harp-L] hold diatonic right or left hand???

nope - you need to learn to steer with your knees, therefore freeing up both hands for important harmonica consideration.

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Wait a second. If I hold the diatonic in my right hand, are you saying I should drive with my left hand. That certainly alters my risk : benefit analysis considerably. Jus' sayin'


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I'm with Buck on this one.

Do what feels natural for you. After all, you are a beginner and should work with your natural tendencies rather than fight them.

I play mostly with harmonica held in right hand, cupping with the left.

Later on, when I concentrated on amplified harmonica playing, I learned how to hold the harmonica in my left hand while cupping with the right in order to get a solid seal against my cheek for bigger tone. However, it still feels unnatural to me, although I do this when needed for the desired results.

Rick Estrin has evolved using this "both way" technique quite nicely.

However, get thee to a good one on one harmonica teacher who will finesse you along and keep you from developing bad harmonica habits.

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sorry. i disagree. you have oversimplified itBW

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> If you are playing the harp with the low notes on the left and high notes on
the right I HIGHLY recommend holding the harp in your left hand and using the
right hand for cupping.
> If you want to play the harp with the low notes on the right and the high
notes on the left (upside down), then hold the harp in your right hand and cup
with your left.
> Cupping the low end sounds better than cupping the high end.
> Peter Madcat Ruth
> Musician - Grammy Award Winner
> madcat@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> On Mar 14, 2012, at 8:42 PM, Jim Rumbaugh wrote:
> > simple answer
> >
> > use your left
> >
> > more complex answer
> > If you wanna play blues, or do some chugging sounds, the majority of your
notes are in the low end of the harp, holes 1 through 6. It's easier to put your
hands around those holes if your left hand holds the harp.
> >
> > Jim Rumbaugh
> >> Hello Folks,
> >>
> >> It doesn't get more basic than this. Before I read any book, viewed any
> >> free lessons, I picked up my diatonic to try it out. I, more or less
> >> naturally for me, put it in my right hand and cupped with left.
> >>
> >> So  does the left/right hand matter? and why?
> >>
> >> Al


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