Re: Subject: Re: [Harp-L] Chromatic: Advantages of each position

What I'm gathering from this (extended) thread, is that

   - The audience doesn't care HOW you got it done, when it sounds good
   - Some players care VERY MUCH how they got it done

Although chrom players speak of key rather than position, examples in this
thread show position is important to the flow of the tune. Two ways to
answer the same question.

I met a diatonic over-blower (a fine player) who looked at my kit of keys
and tunings, and stated "I can show up to a jam with one harp and play all
night." When I listened to the recording I had made for my own study, I
found little difference between us in the sound, feel, and phrasing. The
audience loved it. Different strokes.

Robert Hale
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