Re: [Harp-L] RE: noobie question right hand/left hand

If you are right handed traditionally you would hold left, cup right. The cup is the harder thing to do. Being left handed I hold right. I had started out playing with the numbers down, low notes to my right. Somehow I became convinced that this was wrong and switched but I didn't switch the hand I held the harmonica in. I wish I'd stuck with my original grip, low notes to my right, right hand holding. Getting a decent cup is difficult. There are some advantages though. Certain triplets are eaier to play because of the natural motion of your wrist. Harmonicas are not symmetrical so unless you turn the harmonica upside down switching from the right hand to the left hand changes things.

I play trills not by employing a head shake. I use my hands and to do this I have to hold left so I switch hands to play shakes. I think like most players I can play fairly adeptly holding right or left but what I can't do is hold left and cup right. fjm

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