[Harp-L] RE: Buying new harp

Hello Thinh Phan -

You’ve already gotten great advice - but if you’re in the US, consider doing business with Rockin’ Ron www.rockinronsmusic4less.com.

I’ve done business with a lot of folks for all kinds of products/services and Ron is one of the premier vendors online EVER - an entirely new experience in customer service! 

> Hi guys,
> I have been thinking of purchasing my new harp. I got a SP20 in the key of C. I wonder if I should buy Hohner again or other brands like Suzuki, Lee Oscar, etc. Any advice? By the way, which is the best online harp store? I heard that Coast to Coast is a best deal. Look forward to your replies.
> Cheers,
> Thinh Phan


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